Energy Harvesting:
    Sustaining Our Natural Environment

Initial Dynamics Corporation provides a diverse range of product solutions pertaining to the efficiency of vibrational systems and waveform energy harvesting.
Fields of endeavor include:
    Data Acquisition and autonomous energy harvesting through the utilization of smart material sensors. Scope includes: Data spectrum analysis for medical, industrial, and sound applications.
    Self powering sensor arrays and autonomous energy storage systems.
    Development & implementation of vibrational dampening for elimination of environmental noise pollution.
    Use of EMS materials for alleviation of muscular/skeletal and carpal tunnel syndromes in sports and other physical activities.
    Frictionless bearing surfaces for increasing the efficiency of materials in motion.
Scope includes: material guides, motor and drive bearings, string guides, and bearing applications within storage drive, and robotic systems.

Initial Dynamics Corporation is dedicated to the conservation of our planetary environment, through the development of efficient energy utilization and harvesting systems.

Energy Harvesting
Carbon Nanotubes

Precision Ruby Bearings
for String Saddles

    Magnostrictive Smart Materials
        for use in MagLev Systems

Vibrational technology is the fastest growing high tech industry in the world today. Whether in your car, home, office or factory; whether conducting business, enjoying leisure time or experiencing entertainment; vibrational technology provides the ability to make your experience more efficient, convenient, safe and satisfying. 

Initial only provides products that perform to our very high technical standards. We want our customers to consider this site the quintessential benchmark for quality assurance. Our success lies in our ability to provide knowledgeable design and sales teams, combined with the highest quality products and customer service. The customer will find only the highest quality tools of the trade on this site. Our mission for this company is, in reality, both a promise to our customers and a promise to ourselves... We will not produce products we do not feel enhance or contribute to the pursuit of energy utilization through conservation and harvesting. 

In the following pages you will find additional information on the newest breakthroughs in the field of energy harvesting technology. It is our intention to keep our readers well informed about the latest innovations, with articles, technical papers, and links for your reading pleasure.

This site will be constantly changing as new technology emerges.
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Flexible Syntactic
Security Mouldings

Variable Shape Adaptable
Workholding Tools

Finally! Accuracy in an Security Sensor...

Whether mounted indoors or outdoors the Tone Hound Acoustic Security Sensors are simply the most accurate vibrational security method available on the market today. The sensors are so accurate that they are also used in the acoustic instrument market.


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